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Our Projects

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Mother's Vision - Rescue Centre

The children living at Mother's Vision have been rescued from the streets or extremely poor or abusive homes and are provided with food, shelter, clothing and an education. The centre stands proud, surrounded by a beautiful garden and newly built security wall funded by BBK.


Gates of Joy - Orphanage

BBK continue to support 24 orphans with food, clothes, medical treatment and education. BBK have funded a poly-tunnel for the the Gates of Joy, which has helped grow enough food to feed the orphans and also to sell to the local village. To the Gates of Joy's delight mango and banana trees on site are flourishing. The continuing profits have enabled them to obtain more goats, a cow and many hens and ducks. The centre is very keen to be self-sufficient and looks to expand ways in which they can earn money through the children's music. Thanks to your support BBK has also been able to purchase a water butt for the orphanage and one for the church community.

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Mtwapa Hospital

The trustees visited the hospital in Sept. 2017 and saw the blood pressure equipment and baby delivery sets that had been recently purchased with funds from BBK. The staff were in dire need of a robust hospital scale at a cost of £400. BBK were delighted to offer the funds to purchase this. BBK continue to supply the hospital with rubber gloves, cotton wool, bandages, dettol and other essential items whenever possible.


Jesus Healing Ministry - Orphanage

BBK has been caring for 16 children in a beautiful but rented accommodation for the past 8 years. In February 2018 half an acre of land was purchased near the main road and local school in Kenya. Over the next two years BBK hope to raise enough funds to begin building the infrastructure as well as a security wall to keep our children and property safe. Look out for our fundraising activities and get in touch to find out ways in which you can help. Be part of our amazing project.


Community and Individual Development

Through our Community and Individual Development, BBK has the potential to make a real and positive change.

Where possible BBK help support the poorest of villages, food and clothing especially knickers are given to the vulnerable. A new water well has been dug and solar panels fitted to the church roof for electricity.

Individuals are supported on a needs basis such as rent is paid at £36 a year to ensure Miriam (shown in the picture) and her 5 children can remain safe in their home.

In addition medical attention is given to jiggers, parasites that burrow so deep into the shoe-less feet, that victims must have them cut out with a scalpel. Shoes are purchased for as many as people as possible.

One way in which we fund our community project is through our Christmas Card project. These gifts in kind have allowed BKK to feed 80 families over the Christmas season.