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Gates of Joy Orphanage and School

The Gates of Joy is an orphanage and school set in 10 acres of land, in a remote area in Kilifi, Kenya.

The Gates of Joy was founded in 2001 in response to the local challenges such as children orphaned because of HIV/AIDS, lack of education, server poverty, unemployment, and other community issues.

Mr. Tuva, a partially sighted middle-aged gentleman runs the centre with Christian dedication, showing the love of God to all he meets.  He is an outstanding figurehead with great humility. He, like BBK, could not ignore the plight of these children and so over the years, he has managed to establish an orphanage, a school, a church, and a home for the community.

The Gates of Joy has an orphanage housing 40+ orphans, a primary school which is made up of 5 classrooms, a library, and 2 toilets. The school is used by the community children and the orphans onsite.

Along with his wife Mary, Mr. Tuva, continues to explore ways in which the centre can become more self-sufficient.

A poly-tunnel produces drought-resistant crops and once all the children have been fed with this homegrown food, any extra food is sold.

Through selling the crops, animals have been purchased, and their herd of goats has risen to over 50. They also have 3 cows, chickens, and ducks.

The Gates of Joy has tried to create a supportive learning environment to empower individuals to become better citizens and self-reliant with their limited funds. BBK is very proud of the way Mr. Tuva and his team are running the centre to becoming autonomous.

Whilst money is sent to Mr. Tuva regularly to support the Gates of Joy with basic food, medical treatments, and education,  BBK is actively supporting and encouraging the Gates of Joy so that they may reach self-sufficiency very soon.  

In January 2021 BBK pledged to fundraise enough money to supply a water source at The Gates of Joy.

The constant supply of water can be used for washing, cleaning, cooking, as well as watering crops, and as drinking water for people and livestock.

The water will provide an invaluable resource to finally offer and sustain self-sufficiency at the Gates of Joy.

May our God go before us and provide for His children.

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