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Community Outreach Projects


Through our Community and Individual Development, BBK has the potential to make a real and positive change.

Where possible BBK help support the poorest of villages, food and clothing especially knickers are given to the vulnerable. A new water well has been dug and solar panels fitted to the church roof for electricity.

Individuals are supported on a needs basis such as rent is paid at £36 for 6 month to ensure Miriam (shown in the picture) and her 5 children can remain safe in their home.

In addition medical attention is given to jiggers, parasites that burrow so deep into the shoe-less feet, that victims must have them cut out with a scalpel. Shoes are purchased for as many as people as possible.

One way in which we fund our community project is through our Christmas Card project and Gifts in Kind.

These gifts in kind have allowed BKK to feed 80 families over the Christmas season, provided 200 pairs of school shoes, and fed an entire village for a day as a wedding gift.

To find out more about of Gifts in Kind Click HERE

Community Outreach Project: Programs

Food parcel distribution video

Community Outreach Project: Video

Shoe Distribution

Community Outreach Project: Video
Community Outreach Project: Pro Gallery
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