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Mothers' Vision Rescue Centre

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All of the children living here have been rescued from the streets or extremely poor or abusive homes.

Our leader, Susan Ngigi, maintains a close working relationship with the local police force and social services. The doors to Mothers’ Vision are always open to those in desperate need and, utilizing money BBK sends out on a regular basis for food and basic essentials, Susan provides the rescued women and children with clothing, food, and shelter.

The blue Mothers’ Vision building stands proud, surrounded by beautiful gardens and a secure wall. Within the grounds, the garden grows fruits and vegetables and the leaders are continuously encouraged to find ways of making the project self-sufficient. BBK continues to send money to support basic needs. A new outside cooker has been installed. Repairs to the roof have been fixed so the bats don’t damage the building.

Over the last 12 months, two sewing machines have been purchased via BBK from gracious individuals in the UK. The machines are being used to sew school uniforms for the children and the older residents are being taught this useful skill for later in life. Mothers’ Vision has expressed interest in opening a kindergarten on-site to generate further income. We look forward to their plans coming into fruition.

Books and Bread for Kenya are delighted to say that each permanent child living at the center has a sponsor and this money is being put towards their education. If you are interested in sponsoring a child on a regular basis at another of our projects then please get in touch. Just £15 a month can changes a child’s future forever.

Over the Christmas period, a number of new children came into the center needing help. Mothers’ Vision managed to help them all.

The Center leader, Susan Ngigi is an amazing, selfless lady who is paid no wage by BBK. Susan along with her team, regularly heads into the local villages, feeding and caring for the poorest of people. BBK send her £500 three time a year. Susan purchases and distributes food and essentials such as underwear. Susan also seeks to help individuals, such as the three young siblings who witness their father murder their mother on New Year's Eve.

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In June 2019, a Gift in Kind was purchased via BBK. For a 9th wedding anniversary traditionally a leather gift is given, a wife in the UK gifted her husband 160 pairs of black shoes. With the help of Susan and her team, these were bought at the local Kenyan market and given out to the village children. Photos can be seen on our community outreach page.

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