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Books and Bread for Kenya

(BBK) has been a registered non profit making charity since 2008, showing Gods love to the people of Kenya in a practical way.

This non profit making charity based in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham, supports two orphanages, a rescue centre, a hospital, three Kenyan villages and many individuals in desperate need.

No one in the UK or in Kenya is paid a wage and this is how BBK is able to support so many people in need.


BBK Charity Shop


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BBK's shop is located 144 Front Street, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3AY.  

Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm and is run completely by a dedicated team.

All donations are accepted from books, DVD's, CD's, all types of clothing, children's toys, and bric-a-brac. Simply drop off your items inside the shop during opening hours. Alternatively, you can find our back door to the shop in the Old Market Hall car park. Access to the car park is via Main's Park Road, the shop back door is bright blue with a BBK sign, just ring the doorbell to unload donations to our staff there.

Our shop remains our main source of income; thank you for all donations, large and small, your purchases and your continuing support. BBK also support gift aid, please ask for more details.

Visit us at

144 Front Street, Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham, DH3 3AY


Our Projects

What has God been doing through BBK?

At BBK we support the development of four main projects plus care within the Kenyan communities.

With the help of our trusted people in Kenya, the BBK trustees work together to ensure all funds are put towards improving the basic conditions of so many.

The children and orphans BBK care for are provided with an education, books, uniforms and shoes, food, and shelter.

Community support looks toward feeding villagers and caring for the elderly, widows, and the vulnerable by purchasing mattresses, paying rent, providing water, food, and shoes as well as medical attention where possible.

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Jesus' Power House -Newly Built Orphanage

Jesus' Power House, BBK's newly built orphanage officially opened on 1st May 2020. The 16 orphans from Jesus Healing Ministry relocated from their rented accommodation to this safe and secure new home. 

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Gates of Joy - Orphanage

Gates of Joy is an orphanage and school in a remote area of Kilifi, Kenya.

Gates of Joy leaders, Mr. Tuva, who himself is partially sighted, and his wife Mary, work hard with the children nurturing crops in the poly-tunnels, caring for the goats and cows, ensuring that all work leads to fruition.

This brings them even closer to complete self-sufficiency.

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Jesus Healing Ministry - Orphanage

** The children have moved to their new home Jesus’ Power House as of 1st May 2020 *** BBK has been caring for 16 children in a beautiful but rented accommodation for the past 8 years. In February 2018 half an acre of land was purchased near a main road and local school in Kenya. Fundraising took place over the last 2 years and the house was finally completed in April 2020

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Mtwapa Hospital

BBK continues to support Mtwapa hospital by supplying the doctors and nurses with rubber gloves, cotton wool, bandages, Dettol, and other essential items whenever possible. Focus is also given to providing basic equipment for childbirth.

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Mothers’ Vision - Rescue Centre

The children living at Mothers’ Vision have been rescued from the streets, extremely poor or abusive homes. BBK help to provide food, shelter, clothing, and education.

Together with BBK, the centre continues to explore ways of becoming self-sufficient.

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Community and Individual Development

Our leaders in Kenya, continually reach into the wider community and with the support of BBK funds. We give hope to villagers, widows, and children in the name of Jesus Christ.

Past projects included food parcels, underwear distribution, medical treatment for an entire village for the removal of jigger parasites, construction of a water well, 200 pairs of school shoes, rent paid for widows.

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Get Involved

Your support is important to our work at Books and Bread for Kenya. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.

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144 Front Street, Chester le Street, County Durham, DH3 3AY, UK

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